Bathroom Oasis

Renovating or Adding an Additional Bathroom Adds Real Value to Your Home

You've heard it said that the best investment in your home is a modern, well laid out bathroom. (It's true, and it's also a key factor in spousal happiness.) You may just need to replace one appliance or upgrade the tile work. You may want to replace the whole tub and surround because of wear or water damage. Or you could decide to gut the whole room and lay it out completely differently with all new components. Or maybe you desperatelyneed that additional bath or half bath because of your growing family.

Ceramic tile for your floor or backsplash is tremendously flexible and durable. Some owners in older homes want to keep the tiles faithful to the period, so they go with the small hexagonal white tile on the bathroom floor and the subway tiles around the tub. Others want to make it as modern as possible, so they use a much larger tile with some small accent tile around the perimeter. Or they have us mount the tiles diagonally for a completely different look.

Kelley Carpentry can also install sliding doors for entrances to smaller baths that save space.

Kelley Carpentry can add to the real value and enjoyment of your home.