Our Work

  • Kelley Carpentry builds decks, using new composites as well as traditional lumber
    CATEGORY: Outdoor, Decks

    Outdoors Decks

    Adding a deck or expanding your existing one enables you to enjoy the warm weather outside. Kelley Carpentry builds decks using composite materials that are care-free as well as traditional wood.

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  • Flooring and tiling can add character to your home
    CATEGORY: Flooring


    Always wanted the warmth of hardwood floors in the living room or other room in your house? Hardwood Flooring can make a room seem larger and completely update its look. Kelley Carpentry has many options.

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  • Let the creative craftsman at Kelley Carpentry add a fresh look with new tile in the bath
    CATEGORY: Tile, Flooring

    Updated Tile

    Kelley Carpentry can update your bathroom with a new look, using ceramic tile that wears extremely well and offers a wide range of finishes, sure to set off any bathroom. We can match your decor or update it for the look you want.

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  • Kelley Carpentry can build you an arbor that sets off or separates your outdoor living space
    CATEGORY: Outdoors, Arbor

    Backyard Arbor

    A Backyard arbor can set off or divide areas in your outdoor living space for function and also beauty. Let the creative craftsman at Kelley Carpentry show you how to enhande your enjoyment of your property.

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  • CATEGORY: Outdoor, Gazebo

    Gazebo Oasis

    A gazebo tucked into the trees or in the corner of your lot gives you a getaway during those wonderful summer evenings. Let the creative craftsman at Kelley Carpentry show you your outdoor oasis.

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  • A custom tile backsplash will add interest to any bathroom
    CATEGORY: Tile Backsplash

    Custom Tile Backsplash

    Make the right kind of splash in your bathroom with a custom ceramic tile backsplash. Not only does it look great but it will prevent mold from getting to your wall board in the bathroom. Kelley Carpentry can do the job.

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